Welcome to Near and Distant.

Near and Distant presents social, demographic and economic issues in their widest possible context.

The aim is to enables readers a broad perspective on social issues and the ability to step back and see how specific issues relate to the whole and are in turn influenced by that framework.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives readers context. Currently our exposure to current issues through the 24 hour news cycle does not allow space for important consideration in a wider context.
  • Because as a people we need to focus less on the daily movements of events. By and large it is far more useful to see the general trends and showing how events sit within these broader trends.

Near and Distant will allow these wider discussions to take place showing isolated events not just in relation to the their past weeks or months but in relation to their place in our wider historical narrative.

We will focus on Sociology, Demography and Economics and how these topics pull through into events and touch on the Philosophical, Political and Economic considerations that underpin them.

Near and Distant wants to build a community and invites you to join us.